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Frequently Asked Questions

The world of finance can be confusing. Let's see what we can do to answer your questions.

Am I going to be bombarded with annoying phone calls, junk mail, and emails?


Once you fill out our questionnaire, we typically have enough info to get you paired with a financial advisor that has experience with investors similar to you. Perhaps that advisor works with a team, and their colleague may reach out to you. But most commonly you will be only be contacted by one local advisor.

Am I going to be billed for this?


There is a reason that Ward National doesn't ask for billing or investment information. That's a financial advisor's job. What we do is two-fold: help investors like you find an advisor that's the right fit, and as a division-of-labor practice, we help advisors locate new clients that match their expertise. Because we save financial advisors time by locating clients, they pay us to get you in contact with them. They use that time saved to manage your portfolio, and service your needs.

Is Ward National an Investment Adviser?


We do not provide investment advice. We simply connect investors from all across the country to local financial advisors. The advisors we connect you with may be associated with Investment Adviser firms and/or Broker/Dealers. But Ward National is not an Investment Advisor or Broker/Dealer.

Am I obligated to buy or invest in anything?


Our team does a great job connecting investors with suitable financial advisors. Ultimately, though, you may meet them for your free, no-obligation consultation, and decide that their investment suggestions aren't a good fit for you. And that's okay.

What is a fiduciary?

Simply put: it means licensed financial advisors must make suggestions and recommendations to you based solely off of one factor: your best interest.

In the financial services industry, different professionals with different roles, at different types of organizations all have varying degrees of responsibility to ensure that your financial goals come first. Ask your advisor what their fiduciary capacity means to you and to them.

Anything else?

If you have a question more suited for an a financial advisor, visit our Advisor Finder page and complete the submission.

If you are having technical difficulties or have general questions, please visit our Support page.

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